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  • Can I purchase tickets on-site?
    Yes tickets are available at the gate BUT to avoid extensive Q's we'd recommend you head to and pick them up in advance.
  • Can we re-enter the WATERBOMB site?
    We understand life happens and it’s simple to forget things you need to run back for so whilst we will do our best to accommodate ‘life’ - this is on a case by case basis determined by security at the entrance gates.
  • Where do I park?
    Limited parking will be available in B1 and B21 South at Dubai Festival City - all will be signposted but again WATERBOMB encourages ride share wherever possible. .
  • Can I Park In The Mall
    If you plan to leave early (unlikely we know), the mall offers valet parking which can be found at the VIP entrance by Marks & Spencers, from 09:00 am – 12:00 am. Regular parking is available from 10:00 am to 01:00 am BUT Beware - the walk to the site can feel quite long and the car park will close before WATERBOMB finishes. So again, hear us when we say public transport is the way to go!
  • Are there shuttle buses to the festival?
    No - jump in a rideshare wherever possible.
  • Are there Uber / Careem drop off points?
    Yes - your captains will know exactly where to drop you and pick you up.
  • Will there be changing rooms?
    Yes, there's changing facilities on site.
  • Can I buy food at the festival?
    Yes, WATERBOMB has an epic F&B village some of our friends you’ll find include Pickl, KFC, Wimpy, Zaatar W Zeit, Pizza express, Bangkok City, Mamma Italia, Peet’s, Amexiq, Brisk@, Buffalo Wild Things, Costa, Emm Daniel, Kimchi Nom Nom, My Cafe, Swaggers, and High Joint.
  • Can we bring our own food and drink?
    No outside food and beverage can be brought into the arena and bags on arrival will be checked.
  • What happens if I don’t want to get wet?
    WATERBOMB is built around the idea of water - all festival goers will get wet.
  • Is there a seating area?
    Limited seating is available inside the F&B village.
  • Is the festival undercover?
    No - WATERBOMB is an open air festival so remember; stay hydrated and protected (Think Hats and SPF people)
  • Is alcohol served at WATERBOMB?
    Yes WATERBOMB Dubai is licensed. There are also dedicated non-alcoholic bars.
  • How Do We Pay For Things?
    The WATERBOMB site is a cashless site - no ATMS are present on site either.
  • What is the dress code?
    Please remain respectful.You must arrive and leave the arena covered - casual beachwear is recommended - remember you will get wet!
  • Can I bring my own water gun?
    Outside water pistols can be used, but only once inside the arena and will need to be empty on arrival.
  • Will there be any storage lockers available?
    Yes, limited storage will be available for a fee and is on a first come first served basis. Please note WATERBOMB accepts no responsibility for belongings.
  • *What is the last entry time?
    1.30 am.
  • Can I Change My Ticket?
    For all ticket enquiries please head to
  • Is the water safe?
    WATERBOMB adheres to strict health and safety protocol. All water used across the site including during the canon is certified drinking water.
  • Can we bring cameras?
    Professional camera equipment is not allowed into the arena unless you are an accredited videographer and/or photographer. If you are bringing your own camera - please ensure you take steps to waterproof it - WATERBOMB accepts no liability for water damaged goods.


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